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New Moon Spa offers massages, haircuts, facials and more


Unwind at 1886 Crescent Hotel

There's nothing like a little self-care to spring into a new season, and the folks at New Moon Spa & Salon know how to pamper you just right. Located in the 1886 Crescent Hotel, the spa offers haircuts, manicures, pedicures, facials, massages, body treatments, makeup services and more.

Director Kimberly Roberts has been with the spa since 1998, when she started as a massage therapist. She was fresh out of massage school and wanted to work with as many people as possible, Roberts said.

"I thought what better place than a tourist town?" Roberts said. "So I came here, and I've been here ever since."

The spa has changed quite a bit over the years, Roberts said, with additional massage tables and a new area where bridal parties can get ready for weddings. When she started working at the spa, Roberts said, there were four massage tables and the bridal room was a gym.

"Now we're up to 10 massage tables," Roberts said. "We also have two aesthetician rooms and, of course, the full salon. It was about 2003 or so when we made the shift to change the gym into a salon. We have a lot of weddings that come here, so we thought that was a better fit for us, and it really has been tremendous."

Roberts described all the services offered at the spa, saying she loves all the massages. Massage treatments include the Chakra Balancing Massage, the Stress-fix Body Massage, the 1-hour Reflexology Treatment, the Hot Stone Massage and an upgraded massage with deep treatment. Roberts said the spa uses Aveda products for many services.

"I would say our massage area is our probably our most popular service," Roberts said. "We also offer body treatments."

All body treatments include dry exfoliation on the body, a clay mask on the back, a scalp massage, hot towels and reflexology while cocooned in warm linens and blankets. The treatments include a Beautifying Body Treatment, a Rosemary Body Treatment, a Stress-fix Body Treatment and a Shampure Body Treatment.

"It's a dry exfoliating treatment, which helps flush out the lymphatic system," Roberts said. "We use different aromas during the wrap. There's many different styles of wraps out there. Ours is a little bit of a cocoon service, where you're nice and warm and wrapped up."

Roberts continued, "While you're wrapped up, you'll get a massage on your neck, scalp and feet. We also have facials available, which is a great alternative to some of these services. Some people don't want to get completely undressed. Some people don't want their bodies touched."

Several different facials are offered, including the New Moon Signature Facial, the Acne Purifying Facial, the Deep Pore Cleansing Facial, the Cellular Hydration Facial, the Ultra Calming Facial, the Clarifying Back Facial, the Skin Rejuvenating Facial and the Skinsorial Facial.

"A lot of people respond well to facials," Roberts said. "They don't understand how much tension they hold in their face, and a lot of us do that. The facial is customized for each individual skin type as well."

In the salon, Roberts said, you can treat yourself to a haircut, hair color, hair treatment, manicure and pedicure. Something unique to the salon, Roberts said, is the view of Eureka Springs.

"That is one of the biggest things that sets us apart," Roberts said. "We have an amazing view from the makeup station all the way down to the manicure station."

When people leave the spa and salon, Roberts said, she wants them to feel rejuvenated inside and out.

"Our motto is to feel relaxed, look beautiful and be happy, and that's exactly how we want each person to feel when they leave here," Roberts said. "We know this is a vacation town. People are spending their anniversaries and weddings here. We really are honored to be part of that, and we want each person to leave feeling relaxed, looking beautiful and being happy."

The spa and salon wouldn't operate without a team of dedicated stylists and aestheticians, Roberts said.

"We want each person to leave with an amazing experience. It's not about us," Roberts said. "We're ambassadors for New Moon Spa, the Crescent, Eureka Springs and Arkansas. We call it being 'day makers.' We try to make everybody's day."

Hotel guests have access to several amenities, Roberts said, including the infrared sauna, hot tub and pool. She said some guests order pizza and drinks from Skybar Gourmet Pizza when receiving spa services.

"We have people who start out in the hot tub, have a massage and break for lunch in the Skybar," Roberts said. "Sometimes, we'll deliver food down here for them if they want. You can really have a full day with us and have a lot of fun."