Harmon Park

Featured Family Fun

Harmon Park offers activities for families, furry friends

Walk, skate, play

It’s cooling down in Eureka Springs, but you shouldn’t let that stop you from experiencing some of our multi-use parks. Throw on a coat and head out on foot, starting at the popular Harmon Park. Nestled beneath the Crescent Hotel, Harmon Park features a playground, skate park, dog park, walking trails and picnic tables for family lunches.

The park is truly meant for the whole family. Eureka Springs parks director Justin Huss said the dog park is especially popular, with many visitors choosing to travel with their furry friends.

“The park is in a location that’s easy for everybody to get to, right in the middle of things. It’s a wonderful opportunity because so many people have furry family members these days,” Huss said. “Having any animal facilities and being friendly toward animals goes a long way. There’s a lot of us who want to take our animals with us.”

The playground and skate park get a lot of usage too, Huss said.

“We actually have a pretty high-level skate park. The components we have are used well,” Huss said, “and we’re working to stitch them together better and complement them.”

He said he’s working on a number of projects to bring more art and native plants to the park. The park currently features a mural by local artist Doug Myerscough depicting dogs walking hippies.

“We’re interested in doing an art trail through there,” Huss said. “Just to the side of the park, we have Cardinal Spring Trail, which is an underused trail. We think we can stitch together a really nice spot where people can have lunch, let their kids play in the playground and get a chance to see some local art.”

Several trails connect to Harmon Park, Huss said, and that’s an important component of the area. The trails allow people to get around town easier, Huss said. For visiting families, he said, the trails offer a safe way to get to Harmon Park. Harmon Park is surrounded by the Cardinal Spring Trail, Spring Garden Trail and Crescent Trail.

“Spring Garden Trail takes you right downtown, where we have Basin Park and a few spring parks,” Huss said. “Harmon Park is the park where people can really hang out, and it feels like a park. We have a good amount of green space, and it’s right in town in a very usable spot.”

Huss described some of the improvements he’s working on to Harmon Park, saying he hopes to raise the sight lines, install better lighting and expand the dog park.

“We want to make it even more inviting. A lot of families come down there,” Huss said. “We have lots of picnicking and lunches down there. We want to continue that vibe.”

He added, “With a little more facilities infrastructure, we’ll have a really enjoyable place to be proud of that provides a nice little respite in town. The combination of the dog park, playground and trails really make it a place where you can bring the whole family, even the furry kids, and make a day of it.”

Harmon Park isn’t the only place to go for some outdoor fun in the fall. Huss said Lake Leatherwood City Park has many of the same features, including a playground and trails. There are hiking and biking trails at Lake Leatherwood, Huss said, for all experience levels.

“These trails are infrastructure. Those are sidewalk width,” Huss said. “This is about transportation, hiking and biking, that ties everything together.”

So far, Huss said, he feels Eureka Springs has been successful at offering outdoor facilities for visitors. He said he’s looking forward to improving on what’s already there.

“I feel like we do a good job of providing infrastructure and resources for local businesses to grow from,” Huss said. “We hope to continue to influence that and improve our system. We’ll have lots of stuff going on for the foreseeable future. We have lots to do, and we’re doing really well.”